Serena Oliva

I have a split personality, not due to the fact I’m crazy (just a little bit ; ), but just because I’m a geek and a foodie.
As Interaction Designer I like to design man-machine interfaces, and I’m also an architect, I love drawing and taking pictures. Even in my kitchen, every recipe is a project, a perfect bond of colors, tastes and props.
Meryl Streep suggested me to have a blog after watching the ‘Julia&Julia’ movie, and a two years old baby (my son) chose the name of my blog.
“Cucchiaio di stelle”was born as an accident, I just wanted to transfer all my recipes from paper ‘to the cloud’.
Time after time I have had the luck to convert my passion for food in a real job.
I don’t take myself too seriously and I feel good, because there is nothing better than enjoying your work. You can find me on social networks as @starsspoon.

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