Homemade almond milk

How to use a slow juicer to make almond milk homemade

latte di mandorle fatto in casa


To make homemade almond milk with a slow juicer it’s very simple.

I love almond milk with just a liuttle bit of honey, this is the reason why I prefer to make it by myself.

I use almond milk for a lot of recipes: smoothies, cappuccino, cakes and ice cream.


I’m the brand ambassador of Kuvings for Italy, and I use it everyday.

To make almond milk, you have to use the blank strainer, the same you use to make juices.





Use the same weight of almond and water.

Weight almonds and add the same amount of water.

Let almonds covered of thet water at least for 3 hours


[once they are soft, you can peel them , if you prefer]

Put almonds and water in the whole slow juicer, with the blank strainer.

You’ll have almond milk from one side of the juicer, and almonds pulp from the other side.

Filter the milk with a nut milk bag to remove all the remaining pulp, that is perfect to make cookies or truffles.


You can add honey or maple to sweeten the milk.

Store it in a bottle the fridge for 3-4 days.

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